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Video Portraits

Below is a collection of Davis Narey Media's video portrait work. These videos are directed, shot and edited by Davis Narey Media in collaboration with the models. They are cinematic creative explorations of fashion, music, emotion, and location.

Enjoy the collection!

A summer collaboration with Vivian. This footage was shot with more of an alternative style in mind (as you can see by her amazing outfit). After combing through the footage, I knew that it could be transformed into a cinematic piece. 

Shoot Location: North Loop Minneapolis

Time of Day: Dusk

Model: Vivian

Theme: Y2K

Surprisingly, this video was shot a few days before Christmas near the Milwaukee lakefront. Ashna and I set out to create a vintage/modern piece using a few great locations around the Milwaukee area. This is a song that I've wanted to use in a video just like this and it worked perfectly combined with a narrative intro. 

Shoot Location: Milwaukee

Time of Day: Mid-Day

Model: Ashna

Theme: Vintage, Modern

This portrait video was paired with a fashion photoshoot for an amazing model and intelligent fashion mind, Tyanna. You can see Tyanna's full collections here. While wanting to highlight a summery look in an older part of town, she also wanted a piece of content that she could use for a collaboration with Maybelline. Enjoy the fashion visual. 

Shoot Location: Minneapolis

Time of Day: Evening

Model: Tyanna

Theme: Vintage

This is one of my favorite portrait videos to date! Together, with Teyla, we planned a beach shoot near Lake Calhoun. Teyla's yellow summer dress worked well with the location and the weather/time of day added to vision of the video. I scripted a romantic-type narrative set to a lofi music track. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do

Shoot Location: Lake Calhoun

Time of Day: Evening

Model: Teyla

Theme: Lofi

A short film based on a poem I wrote. One of my more unique works. This project was shot listed and scripted in detail in the pre-production phase. In collaboration with Sophie who is a non-actor, did an amazing job visualizing the emotions of the script. 

Shoot Location: Loring Park

Time of Day: Evening

Model: Sophie

Theme: Drama

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